JRD Photography was started by Jace in 1985 while in high school.
Jace was "exposed" to photography in 1977 and quickly he became addicted to it taking his cameras everywhere he went all over the east coast of the US with his dad.
In 1982, at age 12, he acquired his first SLR camera and the rest is history!
Jace did his first wedding at 15 and knew that weddings were going to be among his favorite 3 things to photograph, other than children and fashion.
Having shot weddings pretty much all over the world, he has seen many things and brings a great creative edge to his style from over 32 years with a camera in his hand. He likes to say he eats, breathes, and dreams photography.
His wedding style is a mixture of flavors.
Photojournalism/Editorial and Fashion. He loves to take each wedding as a new experience and discover all about the bride and groom and bring their love to pictures the way it was meant to be felt.
Since 2002, Jace has photographed weddings in Ireland, France, London, Columbia South America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Belize, Jamaica, and all states in the United States. He has had many weddings in the Knot® Magazine and has had weddings published in TIME magazine®.
Other than weddings, he loves to photograph children of all ages from the delivery room to the stadium on graduation! Creating personalities from the beginning to the day they go off to make it in the world.
If you own a business and use photography to promote your product, then consider him for your marketing strategies. Having worked with Art Directors from New York to Atlanta to LA, he has a list of clients including Sony, Osh Kosh, Baby Gap, Hitachi, Nancy Lopez, the Seniors PGA and LPGA, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn inc.,various 5 star restaurants nationwide shooting menus and food preparations from world class chefs.
He has his office in Central Ohio in Newark.
He also has an office in Florida covering weddings and portraits in the North Florida area near Destin and Panama City Beach.
When Jace is not photographing, he is also a professional trumpet player specializing in Jazz and has owned and operated 4 bands since 1989 revolving around Big Band jazz, Dixieland Jazz, and a brass quintet.
He has taught photography at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC and has held small workshops in Florida and Ohio.
If you would like to know more, then you have to call him and see what else he can do for you. You will not be disappointed!
Hope to hear from you soon!

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